Since I finally decided to get my website up and running after procrastinating for a couple of years, I think its fitting my first blog entry be about my website and myself :)

Color is a huge part of my life.  I am driven by color in every way; I would say it's the number one thing that inspires me.  I love how color can create mood, change mood, and even change the way you see things around it.  Every color in the color wheel speaks to me.  

The above paragraph is why I chose this particular makeup shot of my good friend Meredith to go with my first post.  I like to call this look 80's glam. #SOHOT... and a girl that can pull off a blue eye with a pink lip is special, at least I think so.  This makeup look is an example of how you can use bright color's together on a face without creating a "Tranny Look."  Nothing against Tranny culture, love it, just not what all girls want to look like. Of course, it's all about the application.  Avoid a heavy hand and you will steer clear of a heavy look.

My goal with this website was to not only display the different styles of makeup I can do, but to show how makeup can create a mood and feeling.  I wanted to display color usage in all different ways.  That being said, I always make sure it compliments and doesn't take away.  No matter how natural or dramatic of a look I am doing I like my makeup to always have a fresh, blended look; staying away from harsh edges and lines.

GLOSSY, dewy, matte, shimmer, sheen, wispy lash, individual lash, no lash, dramatic lash, I love it all.  I believe there is a time and place for every lipstick and eyeshadow color in the Neimans cosmetic department.    

P.S. this is not an english class… my grammar is decent, but if you can't handle a few grammar errors you don't have to follow me as I am certainly not taking the time to correct them all :) <3